Staging Your Home For a Quick Sell

Spring is here (well almost). Like most people hoping to sell their home this year, you have probably started researching real estate agents, and looking at new neighborhoods. However, don’t forget a key aspect of home selling, which is attracting buyers to your home. Don’t just leave this up to your agent. There are simple things that you can do, which will make your home attractive to potential buyers. Here are a few tips on getting your home ready for buyers. more…


How to Make the Perfect Bed

If you are like most people, making the perfect bed is not an easy task. The sheets are never as smooth as you would like. The pillows are never perfectly placed to give that magazine look. And frankly, you just don’t have the time in the morning. Well here is a great tutorial on make the perfect bed. It does take some time to get it right. So if you have a bit of time in the morning, this video might be worth a look. more…

50 Shades of Grey: Set Design


Fifty Shades of Grey is coming to theaters. This movie is one of the most anticipated movies of the years. Seeing the story brought to life is going to be a treat for fans who have devoured the books. One of the keys to bringing the story to life is having a great set design. The design sets the mood for the entire movie. Read how set designer C. Scott Baker brought to life Christian Grey’s apartment. more…


Decorating the Kids’ Room: The Nursery


The kids’ rooms are perhaps the most fun rooms to decorate. It is an opportunity to explore your whimsical side. For new parents, one of the exciting things about bringing home baby is introducing him or her to their new room. But for some, decorating the nursery can seem a bit overwhelming. After you have the crib, what else should you add to the room? Here are a few tips to get you started decorating your nursery. more..

New Year Savings: How to Negogiate

You have been scouring the furniture stores for the last month trying to find that perfect piece of furniture. You finally found it and now it is time to negotiate. This is where reality hits and you realize you have no idea how to negotiate a good deal. Did you know furniture is often sold at 80% markup? So, try to negotiate past the discounted price. If all else fails, try shopping for the product online” Forbes

Here is a tutorial on how to negotiate. More…